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Finally have victory over the English language

Learning a new language is not easy. Our proven lessons will help you speak English confidently. So go ahead and give it a try.

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Meet the Teacher

English with Jesus was founded by Eric B. Dunn (USA) in the spring of 2016. When Eric began teaching at Elijah Elementary School in Prague. Eric is a native speaker and is also fluent in the Czech language. Having a multicultural background, Eric brings a unique approach to the learning experience. He also holds a Pedagogical Minimum from the Czech National Institute for Further Education.

Eric likes to help students with a biblical, holistic approach to learning. He has enjoyed teaching English to speakers of other languages for over 14 years. Now, he would be glad to help your kids gain the confidence they need to speak English.

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Are you tired of not understanding English?

EWJ Academy will give you the experience needed for you to successfully use the English language.

Here’s how we do it:

  1. We evaluate your current English level by giving you a FREE placement test.
  2. We meet weekly for your live English lesson.
  3. We summarize your development and review your homework as you grow towards your English speaking goal.

Set aside those grammar charts and replace them with a holistic approach that will help you to actually speak English. No one wants to miss out on opportunities in life. Finally, gain the foundation that you need to speak English with confidence.

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