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English Is a Giant of a Language That Kids Have to Fight

It may seem too big for your little ones to handle. But our Bible based lessons are proven to build up your kid’s courage for childhood education and for life. So help your kids overcome shyness.

  • Interactive and Entertaining Lessons

  • English with Games style learning. Learn English while having fun!

  • Qualified Teachers

Your Plan to Help Your Kids Learn English

Meet the Teacher

English with Jesus was founded by Eric B. Dunn (USA) in the spring of 2016. When Eric began teaching at Elijah Elementary School in Prague. Eric is a native speaker and is also fluent in the Czech language. Having a multicultural background, Eric brings a unique approach to the learning experience. He also holds a Pedagogical Minimum from the Czech National Institute for Further Education.

Eric likes to help students with a biblical, holistic approach to learning. He has enjoyed teaching English to speakers of other languages for over 14 years. Now, he would be glad to help your kids gain the confidence they need to speak English.

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Are your kids improving their English?

EWJ Kids! will give your children the courage to converse using the English language.

Here’s how we do it:

  1. We get comfortable with the English language by playing games and singing songs.
  2. Cover basic vocabulary and phonics skills.
  3. We read stories and learn to translate simple sentences.

Set aside your grammar charts and replace it with a holistic approach that works. No one wants their kids to miss out on opportunities in life. Help your kids gain the foundation they need to speak English with confidence.

What is included with the course?
Weekly lesson
English Letter A
Jesus Greets in English


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